Get Up Close with 6x Digital Zoom Camera and High Resolution of Camera Studio+

Enjoy Camera Studio+ with its New Version (1.0.7) having Retina Display graphics and 6x Digital Zoom camera. Now camera feature is with Grid Lines to compose photos in a better way and to eliminate tilted shots. Multiple camera captures and Intuitive user interface is there to give you more interactive experience!

Now you can save your photos in original dimensions of your device with Camera Studio+! You can set Resolution manually for each individual photo up to 2592 (iPhone-4). Select high resolution for best results. Selecting a higher resolution may take several minutes to process image. You can capture as many photos as you want which will be saved in the camera real. Hence you can open, edit or share them anytime without fear of losing your beautifully captured photos. You can press Cross button in-order to enter the secondary view.

You can Delete the photos from the reel anytime. Just select the photo that you want to delete and it will be highlighted. Tap Delete and it will be deleted.

You can Edit a photo by selecting an image from the reel. The selected photo will be highlighted. Tap Edit button to start editing your photo.

Check out Camera Studio+ if you don’t already have it!

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