All New Horoscope Frames and Overlay effects in Camera Studio+

Camera Studio+ has included two In-App purchases in its new version (v1.0.7) which has enhanced the built-in Frames and Overlay effects. Two (2) new categories Horoscope Frames and Horoscope Overlays have been added to Camera Studio+.

To purchase this upgrade go to the Filters Categories page, then scroll all the way until you get to the bottom of the page. Now tap on the “Horoscope Frames” button to get to the purchase screen. After this in-app purchase is activated, you can access the additional zodiac frames list will be appeared in-front of you.

Through the In-App Horoscope Frames, you can buy about Fourteen (14) All New Zodiac Sign Frames including Aries Frame, Virgo Frame, Scorpio Frame, Sagittarius Frame, Aquarius Frame, Pisces Frame, Libra Frame, Leo Frame, Taurus Frame, Cancer Frame, Gemini Frame, Capricorn Frame and 2 others.

Similarly, there are about Sixteen (16) In-App Zodiac Sign Overlays including Taurus Overlay, Libra Overlay, Aries Overlay, Virgo Overlay, Sagittarius Overlay, Snake Overlay, Capricorn Overlay, Gemini Overlay, Leo Overlay, Aquarius Overlay, Pisces Overlay, Scorpio Overlay, Cancer Overlay, Fox Overlay and 2 others to make your photos awesomeness extraordinary.

With this upgrade you can enjoy the complete set of 16 zodiac overlays. After the upgrade you will be able to scroll through the additional zodiac overlays.

Get your own Camera Studio+ now and Frame your cool photos with eye catching Zodiac Overlay effects.

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