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Your Creations: Powered by Camera Studio+ v1.0.7

Camera Studio+‘s Text feature is very convenient and offers a lot of options for Font Style, Size, and Colors for adding Captions or Messages on the photos. There are about 50+ Font styles, you can select from and Font size ranges from 10 to 72. You can select any area on the Photo and start added text. As soon as you tap the Text icon in the App, a text box will appear on the photo. Tap on the box and start typing your message. You can easily Move or Resize the text box and make the text appear as you desire.

The Text feature is really easy and cool to work with. Try it yourself!


Make your photos priceless with CameraStudio+

Largest filter collection. 246 unique filters and effects, 16 professional categories. 6x digital zoom camera, grid lines to compose photos , internal photo memory for future editing, cropping presets, multiple previews, high resolution support, apply effects over any part of the image, add your favorite filters to quick list, multiple undo & redo, add text to create captions. Create unlimited effects by combining 212 professional filters in various combinations along with 28 overlay effects and 6 elegant photo frames